Our Services

Our core services cover a very unique spectrum that is aligned closely to our skill set. Ycommunicate.com inc. is focused on four service pillars including, E-Learning, Business Assessment, Media Production and Communications Strategy.

Each of our core staff has more than 25 years experience in planning and implementing marketing and communications projects. We develop each new project by:

  • First understanding your goals and objectives
  • Then seeking to understand the broader context of your clients and marketplace forces at play
  • We then develop a sound communications plan and work with you to ensure that we manage the project in a timely and responsive way throughout the project.

We also offer an unseen advantage in that throughout any project, we are always thinking about ways to leverage your message, repurpose assets, offer value and to ensure that the plan is scaled to your budget as well as your goals.

Our core services are underpinned by ongoing research in new online communications tools and techniques, great creative, sound strategies and a focused project management process.

While we develop many different kinds of communications projects ranging from web sites and E-Learning to internal/external product knowledge programs and marketing initiatives, we maintain a strong brand consistency and provide ongoing guidance and recommendations to ensure each projects stays on message.