Business Assessment

The Business Assessment is a cost effective process, designed specifically for small businesses to:  

  • Attract & retain skilled workers
  • Prepare a company for sale for transition
  • Improve operational performance
  • Maximize workplace productivity

We do this through a process that identifies opportunity gaps in an organization. We evaluate an organization through a disciplined process of investigation using in-person meetings, surveys, online tool sets and data analysis. The standardized process reveals underlying  barriers that are preventing an organization from reaching its goals. We evaluate employees, management team, business plan, marketing initiatives, customers, competition, organizational culture, marketplace competition and more. 

 It is an affordable custom process designed to scale to the needs and nature of an organization, its current workplace, culture and its goals & objectives.

This is a one-of-a-kind, cost effective process that is uniquely designed for companies with 5 employees or 100 employees.  It’s has been developed to help companies  identify opportunity gaps, establishes a succession planning strategy and prepares a company for possible sale or management transition.  It offers guidance on growth & structure by reviewing a broad set of indicators and investigating the workplace environment and the forces that shape growth and productivity.

Our process is based on a standardized model that utilizes team and individual confidential interviews and a broad based marketing/business assessment. This is coupled with the use of online assessment tools that help define skills & abilities, and management roles & responsibilities. We provide ongoing guidance and recommendations throughout the process, a comprehensive set of recommendations and an implementation plan through a full written report upon completion.  

“The growth and structure assessment has helped my company by creating a stronger foundation for growth. We are much better prepared for succession of the business to our new management team… we are a much more professional company today as a result of this process.”

Gary Kopp, President of Roofco Ontario Inc.

The Benefits

  • Low cost of implementation
  • Prepares organization for growth
  • Can be utilized to complement financial assessment process
  • Customized to the size and type of organization
  • Includes recommendations on products & services
  • Identifies potential management and leadership abilities
  • Provides job descriptions for all key positions
  • Recommendations on changes to organizational structure
  • Includes succession planning recommendations
  • Encompasses job retention strategy
  • Based on a standard implementation model
  • Defines common mission statement

We work with your company to customize the process and develop a unique set of solutions.

Business Growth & Structure Assessment: Identifying opportunity gaps in the organization & develop a growth management plan
Skills & Abilities: using the Business Assessment process to optimize company growth potential through its people and processes
Performance Monitoring: Coaching & setting/evaluation job performance expectations and developing hiring practices
Broad Business Assessment: of marketing, customer service, work flow, products & services

The first step in the process is a free consultation that allows us to recommend a training program that best suit clients’ needs based on a preliminary needs analysis. Call 416-271-5259.