Communications Solutions

In working with a wide variety of clients across a spectrum of mediums we apply one constant… we design strategic communication campaigns around your need for impact and your audience’s demand for relevance.

  • We work with organizations to plan and execute business market assessments
  • We research, design and implement marketing strategies for products, services
  • Ycommunicate designs in-house creative advertising strategies and media
  • We design and implement brand strategies 

We apply our marketing savvy and insight into branding consistency across all aspects of production, including : traditional advertising such as public relations, special events, print, signage,  and for online initiatives such as E-Learning, Social Media, Web sites  and Videos.

While we work with national and international organizations, but we also work with savvy, brand conscious smaller companies who understand the need for marketing plans and a consistent advertising strategy.

Our communications solutions are designed to provide you with sound marketing, advertising and business advice. Our plans and recommendations include research into company culture, company and product business plans, advertising, marketing initiatives, customer demographics, new product development, marketplace competition, etc. We then synthesize this information into an action plan designed to offer guidance on the next steps required to achieve your goals.

A Market Assessment is an important tool in business and market planning. We work through a wide ranging “Discovery” session with you, where we explore your business model end to end.
We then prepare a market assessment that may include sales, customer service, advertising and/or communications strategies, supported by a business rationale for the actions required to achieve your goals. 

Our strategies combine our knowledge of working on a variety of online promotional, communications and awareness initiatives with our experience in designing and implementing more traditional mediums such as live events, public relations programs, print advertising and video. 

We develop great creative that can be leveraged across all of these mediums. We can do this because we consider the concept, and how it will be effectively deployed to get the best results in each of these unique mediums.