Instructional Design & Curricula Development

Ycommunicate.com specializes in developing eLearning content that allows organizations to deploy information and knowledge quickly and effectively.

We develop original content by working with our partner organizations and subject matter experts to develop blended or self-paced eLearning.

The Ycommunicate.com team has been developing interactive learning since 2004  and our instructional design strategies are based on bench-marked elearning practices. We draw from across a broad skill base in instructional design, interactive programming, writing, creative direction and project management to design & implement innovative E-Learning individual modules and whole curricula. 

We  can work within your existing Learning Management System to develop new modules and/or curriculums and our development tool set creates modules that are non-proprietary and allow for total portability into any LMS system that is SCORM compliant. 

In responding to our customer’s needs, we also offer consulting on providing a range of LMS solutions for our clients. LMS solutions have become an increasingly important part of developing an effective E-learning implementation, since there are a bewildering number of Learning Management Systems in today’s E-Learning marketplace and each has pros and cons depending on the size of your organization, costs, the number of learners involved and your long term educational objectives.

We have developed a number of Provincial and National accredited and non-accredited E-Learning modules and curricula using our ubiquitous, non-proprietary E-learning solution. We specialize in working with industry associations and government organizations to develop bench-marked learning.

Professional Development

We work with organizations to develop unique e-learning solutions that may include a single module or a curriculum of interrelated e-learning modules to help benchmark professional achievement. Modules are generally broken down into 35 – 50 minute increments that may include text, images, video, forms, simulations and quizzes to support and confirm each learner’s comprehension of the content. We can provide Subject Matter Experts (SME) or we can work with the SME provided by our client. We also work with our organizational partners to develop an effective administration process to help manage achievement results, conduct yearly information audits on e-learning content and archive all data. We also provide accredited and non-credited knowledge modules and learning curricula.

Corporate Training

We work with business clients to develop custom E-Learning solutions that can provide low cost and effective learning. We help source subject matter experts when required or we work with internal subject matter experts as required. Our solution also includes developing a administration protocols, tracking and reporting on individual and group performance levels. We also provide accredited and non-credited knowledge modules and learning curricula.

Our eLearning Services

  • LMS Integration Consulting Services
  • Original Content Development: instructional design, writing, creative direction, storybaord
  • Audio/Visual Design: animation, video & audio production
  • Project management: reporting & evaluation
  • Web Portal development & Design 
  • Brand Identity: packaging
  • Marketing & Communications Support
  • Ergonomic & Accessibility Design
  • Administrative Learning strategies