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Business Assessment Process Design

The Business Assessment is designed to address a capacity building gap within small businesses. It’s ideal to help organization hire ability - and teach skills, alter work flow processes to be more efficient and recommend an optimized business management strategy. The Business Assessment may be customized for your company to include the following:  
  • Skills & Abilities Assessment: Identifying opportunity gaps in the organization & develop training plan that will prepare a company for growth
  • Marketing & Sales: We design a program that may address incentives, marketing, advertising, sales and customer service 
  • Optimized Management Strategy: develop a set of recommendations that may include evaluation, performance, and organizational planning 
  • Skills Training: We design  a comprehensive training strategy that combines on-the-job training, e Learning and third party training
  • Innovation Strategies: Coaching & innovation strategies, evaluating  company and individual performance expectations 
  • Business & Management Support: develop on-going support resource for sound decision making process