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business assessment benchmark chart

business assessment tbenchmark chart
Prevue Benchmark illustrates the required characteristics for a job and assesses each employee against this benchmark

potential chart
Development Potential Chart: assesses and compares the ability of employees to take on new or additional roles & responsibilities

workstyle chart
Prevue Assessment: measures an employee’s preferences in learning, working with others, organizational skills, motivation and more 


Business Assessment Overview

"An Investigative process that examines key indicators using a standardized assessment model that is specifically designed for small businesses." 

The  Business Assessment is designed to identify opportunity gaps in key aspects of the business, such as Finance, Marketing, Technology, HR and Production. These opportunity gaps may  represent barriers to growth. By understanding and addressing these issues, the Business Assessment will create a foundation for improved productivity.    
The Business Assessment includes on-site audits, confidential interviews and  confidential online assessments to examine the current state of the business. These indicators are measured against the marketplace and changing economic factors. Once the factors have been assessed we develop a step-by-step written strategy that includes a clear set of actionable items to improve the company's outlook.

Through this confidential and standardized Business Assessment we help small businesses to optimize:
  • Organizational  structure
  • Work flow Process
  • Employee recruiting & retention strategies
  • Product or service value proposition
  • Customer service opportunities
  • Opportunity gaps
  • Technology gaps
The process examines practices and strategies, along with the strengths & weaknesses of a small business. The Business Assessment also evaluates sales &, marketing data, work flow, existing training programs, historical sales data, roles & responsibilities and business processes.

This structured process  takes about 6 - 8 weeks to complete depending on the availability of the employer and staff and the scope of work. Each assessment we develop is customized to the small business we are working with.  

The program is designed for small businesses so the costs, in comparison to traditional  comprehensive accounting and finance assessments is considerably less.