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We work with employers to help them design and implement On-the-job training programs as part of our Business Assessment process. It's designed to teach new workers what they must know and do, in order to complete specific tasks successfully at a variety of skill levels consistently.  It also identifies various roles and the benchmark skills required for each role.

The plan will then detail weekly scheduled commitment to teaching the skills outlined in the plan for each of the roles, as well as identifying and supporting both the trainee and the trainer in the process. The program is expected to include approximately 60 hours of on-the-job training for each employee. 

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**Statistics Canada, Access and Support to Education and Training Survey

The program includes on-site support and coaching  from our training experts who will work closely with the organization to review weekly and monthly reports from the trainer, trainee and employer, and make plan adjustments based on the Training Plan goals and objectives.

On-the-job training fort specific roles, tasks and responsibilities is generally structured around these seven steps:
  1. Demonstrate how to complete a task.
  2. Review important points.
  3. Demonstrate task again.
  4. Let workers perform easier parts of the task.
  5. Help workers perform the entire task.
  6. Allow workers to perform the entire task, while being monitored.
  7. Allow workers to perform the task on their own