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Ycomm Pioneers "Business Assessment" for Small Business

The Business Assessment is a  complimentary process to support communications and learning systems within companies. It is a business investigation process process, designed specifically for small businesses to:

  • Attract & retain skilled workers
  • Prepare a company for sale for transition
  • Improve operational performance
  • Maximize workplace productivity
Business process flow chart graphic

We do this through a process that identifies opportunity gaps in an organization. We evaluate an organization through a disciplined process of investigation using in-person meetings, surveys, online tool sets and data analysis. The standardized process reveals underlying  barriers that are preventing an organization from reaching its goals. We evaluate employees, management team, business plan, marketing initiatives, customers, competition, organizational culture, marketplace competition and more. 

September 22, 2018 Launches Soft Skills eLearning

Sample screens from Soft Skills eLearning Program
After nearly 1400 man hours invested over 8 months, focused instructional design, original creative development, and an exhaustive leadership and management professional review process , Ycommunicate has launched its Leadership and Management, self-paced eLearning curricula. This 4 part business training program includes Communications, Project Management, Leadership and Problem Solving.

Each topic includes four modules that help learners build a sequential knowledge of management and leadership techniques, tools and strategies. The 16 modules in this curricula includes "in-module" testing to help learners explore their comprehension of each topic and prepare for the threshold achievement test at the end of each module. Each module is ubiquitous and can be implemented within any standard LMS solution. Group enrollments and bulk purchases of this highly engaging learning tool are available upon request.

Contact us directly to learn more or 416-271-5259. Launches McGill University Health Centre eLearning

McGill University Health Centre image and IPAC Canada are proud to announce McGill University Health Centre ( MUHC) is introducing Routine Practices, self-paced eLearning program at their new “Glen Site” in Montreal, Quebec. Our new  bilingual eLearning program is being delivered to 5300 health care professionals at multiple sites, in various departments and to a variety of health care professionals at MUHC in 2015.
McGill University Health Care is valued partner and will participate in a new generation of eLearning for the spring summer of 2016, utilizing user feedback, to make changes in routine practices based on user survey responses.