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IMAGE - If you do not respect content  - how can you expect your audience to value it?"

Digital Content Curation

Curating Live Event Learning In The Digital Age

We work with organizations to leverage learning from costly enterprises like conferences, seminars and workshops. We help plan a cost effective strategy and process for sharing that relevant information. 

Considerable cost and effort is expended in bringing together the talent and resources required to create a learning opportunity. Such live learning events create content that can enhance skills, orient new staff, create insight for stakeholders and help prioritize information while identifying trends and new research & development findings. 

We work with clients to develop a digital curation strategy for leveraging live event information and promoting it use to staff and/or key stakeholders.

Curating an event includes, pre-event and post-event activities to create awareness about the curated information's value.  We then ensure that the knowledge gained from a live event is easy to access and the content has been distilled to retain its efficacy.

man enjoying curated content on tablet What Engages You On a Webinar?
38% interesting and relevant content
32% energetic and passionate speaker
15% visual slides
15% interaction between the speaker and attendee

This needn't be a costly process, but rather, a consistent application of a protocol that identifies and share highly valued information.

Digital curation of Workshops, Seminars & Conferences includes leveraging:
  • eLearning,
  • Documentation,
  • Statistical data,
  • PowerPoint presentations,
  • Video 
  • Audio
We also include opportunities for the learning community to share ideas, and update information. in such tools as "closed social networks" and "forums".
Having a curating strategy as we move deeper into the digital age will become increasingly important as new technology evolves and improves our access to digital information. I believe the live learning event has an important place in learning and the ephemeral nature of the information gained at such events will become increasingly important as well learn to curate and create relevant archive of the valuable knowledge gained at conferences, workshops and seminars. 

Services Include
  • Developing a strategic learning plan that considers, eLearning, webinars, conferences, workshops and seminars
  • Curating original and legacy webinars, videos  and documentation as part of an online digital strategy
  • Pre-marketing and post-promotions planning of activities to support  the sharing and distribution of online learning
  • Creating a value proposition for the learning content among stakeholders and employees
  • Tracking and evaluating the effectiveness of the program and its impact on the organization