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Collage of logo designs for various clients


Many organizations are recognizing the need to create strong brands that can generate a call to action in the marketplace. While the importance of branding is increasing, the clarity is decreasing as a result of an ever imposing conflagration of colours and imagery; and a proliferation of icons, logos and slogans. Add to that, the fact that we are exposed to more than 3000 ads per day and the increasing number of emerging communications mediums, and we can see the erosion of existing brands and the marginalization of new brands.

So the important question is, how do we communicate the right message to the right audience in an increasingly competitive and crowded marketplace? inc. works with our customers to develop great creative and then produce a plan that implements that creative in a custom marketing strategy aimed at reaching your customers and growing your audience.  
  1. We  produce great creative that helps definedyour brand 
  2. Ycommunicate conducts market research to understand your customers and stakeholders
  3. We ensure the strategy aligns with your product or services' unique features and benefits 
  4. We the design and implement advertising, communications and marketing assets into strategic distribution channels
  5. We integrate social media, traditional advertising, promotions & PR campaigns
  6. We track and evaluate brand performance  

Our Core Branding Support Programs

Marketing Assessment: this strategic analysis utilizes a unique survey tool aimed at three unique business elements, including: a) marketplace & competitors b) internal mgmt. /employee, and, c) cross-section of customers

Branding: we develop original creative & design for logos & slogans and advertising in all mediums and we  guide you in their use and implementation, as well as provide recommendations on intellectual property issues

Strategic Branding: we develop a “custom” marketing plan that includes: branding recommendations on social media, traditional advertising, live events, public relations campaigns, promotions, sponsorships, incentives, partnerships and more ...

Brand Advertising: we provide strategic planning, production and recommendations on media placement and ad development that integrate branding strategies 

Special Events & Promotions: we develop innovative brand concepts for conferences & tradeshows, we handle design & layout, production, strategic planning 

Public Relations: we develop public relations plans and produce all aspects of a PR strategy from copy writing, video production, photography, interviews, recommended distribution channels

Social Media Branding we design and integrate , creative concepts for implementing a consistent brand stategy