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Market Assessments

Understanding how your company will perform under duress is an important indicator of your company’s health and resiliency. As long as you are leading the charge - or your star product or service is doing well most companies or organizations appear to be preforming admirably; but when market forces conspire to negatively impact your business, industry or region - it can create insurmountable barriers to growth.

You need to understand your company’s “opportunity gaps”…and plan for bridging them by putting in place a sound business marketing strategy that helps your company evolve to compete more effectively. A sound marketing and business development strategy helps you plan financial resources, identify possible product development opportunities; identify human resource needs and helps identify possible gaps in productivity and technology.

A Market Assessment helps you identify those gaps by allowing you to gain insight from a key set of indicators. It offers you, your suppliers, your customers, stakeholders and business partners an opportunity to provide objective feedback. Our solution is designed to help you capture a structured, objective assessment that investigates your company or organization through standardized steps:
  1. Conduct private and objective interviews with key sales and marketing staff using our custom assessment template.
  2. Develop a private and objective, customer service survey for a broad cross section of clients: considering economic sectors, regional diversity and demographic profiles
  3. Review all marketing materials and any supporting marketing business planning process
  4. Conduct a private and objective interviews with suppliers and key stakeholders
  5. Develop a written, comprehensive review of the results including: situation analysis, recommendations, actionable items, estimated costs and timelines, highlight trends from accumulated data, and track results
A. The Market Assessment Questionnaire
  • Strategic Marketing Focus 
  • Environment
  • Organization 
  • Systems
  • Marketing Functions
  • Sales Functions
  • Performance Measurements
 B. Customer Service and Key Stakeholder Standardized Assessment
  • Identify key stakeholder categories 
  • Perceived weaknesses
  • Product and service issues 
  • Main market concerns
  • Identify business cycle
A Market Assessment may sound like something you could do in-house… but consider the benefits of a third party — we use benchmark practices and a standardized process, we will be objective, allowing stake holders, suppliers and customers to give honest answers.

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