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Ad for Toronto Board of TRade on Board magazine
Ad for Toronto Board of Trade
"Onboard" magazine

Decal for Simcoe Muskoka District Health Council Decal for Simcoe Muskoka District Health Council

Advertisement for Commercial Roofing
Advertisement for Commercial Roofing

Newspaper Ad for SMDHU
Newspaper Ad for SMDHU

Quarter Page Ad for Publication
Quarter Page Ad for Publication


Misunderstood, misused, boring, repetitive, crowded, unimaginative and unmemorable are a few of the words I might use to describe most advertising today.

There are probably two reasons that have the most impact on the current state of non-impact advertising. The first is that most businesses and organizations implement advertising based on tactical needs rather than strategic goals. The second is that great creative is often replaced with great graphics... and trust me, there is a difference.

The two factors that contribute most to bland advertising are intertwined. Left brain marketing and marketing managers can not quantify creative concepts and the investment and patience required to champion creative advertising can be demanding. Another influencing factor is the proliferation of graphic artists in this modern, new media era. It has skewed the process and contributed to the idea that graphic design is interchangeable with great art and creativity.

Great creative has a much deeper and has a more visceral and emotional impact on audiences. It is often naked and human in ways that demand attention. It taps into our psyche and stays with us. Great advertising campaigns are memorable and change our behaviour and they are the product of art directors and creative directors.

Our creative directors and art directors were made not born. It has taken experience, free thinking artistic style, insight into social behaviour, good communications and an ability to allow our creative thinking to transcend the format we are working in.

Ycommunicate has an experienced creative team; we have been working on creative campaigns since 1986 across a variety of mediums ranging from radio, TV, magazines, and newspapers to billboards, posters, trade shows and web initiatives such as social media media. We immerse ourselves in your product and your audience to create campaigns that connect with audiences.

Contact us to learn how our creative vision can change the fortunes of your company.