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Simulation in virtual healthcare scenario

Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)

Advancements in online technologies continue to push what can be achieved to advance the learner experience to a point where it can effectively simulate real life situations customized for specific workplace environments. We call this a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). VLE’s utilize simulations and gamification to greatly increase a learners engagement, motivation and focus through a more immersive experience.

Gamification while a new term in the learning vernacular is really a tested and true approach that leverages the new technologies. Using a VLE it provides an opportunity to provide more visual storytelling and impactful feedback and other visual cues resulting in better learning retention. It is important to note that gamification  is not the same as games which are intended for fun and leisure but uses the best game elements and applies them to a learning situation allowing them to explore information in a manner that doesn’t feel like a test. Typical customization say for a healthcare scenario might be to provide characters that can select uniforms for their role such as doctor, nurse, specialist etc.

VLE’s offer a cost-effective way to create a practice environment that can supplement expensive classroom or workplace training for developing complex skills. As with other more traditional E-Learning strategies, learners work through scenarios in a self-paced manner and are also able to complete additional learning assignments and testing.

Ycommunicate uses a development tool that has quickly become the standard for building these VLE environments, the Unity 3D authoring system. With efficient multiplatform publishing, Unity’s powerful authoring engine and tools, intuitive workflows and fast iteration, we have complete control to create and smoothly deploy a VLE and simulations game on any screen.
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Experiential learning using Virtual Learning Environments represents the future of online E-Learning.