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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) &
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEM and SEO are integrated processes that help create awareness for your web site and drive traffic and sales. It creates visibility for your company through text, graphic, flash and video ads... where clients are looking for them, on search engine results pages.

According to the E-Marketer in 2009, North American advertisers spent US $22.4 billion on online marketing to surpass the combines spending on all traditional media advertising including TV, Radio, Magazines and newspapers, etc., for the first time in history!

Understanding the role of SEO and SEM is critical to ensuring that we fill the sales funnel and help create sales or sales leads. We need make clear distinction between "lead delivery" and "traffic generators". Many of the terms outlined in SEO strategies are traffic generators designed to delivery traffic that is unqualified to the site, while SEM is designed to deliver a potential customer who has made a choice to learn more about your product or service. The planned use of an SEM and SEO strategy can come in all sizes and flavours and that mix and effectiveness of such programs is determined by the web site content and design, use of traditional advertising, the uniqueness or broad appeal of the product or service.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We specialize in pay-per-click, pay-per-impression and banner ads - and other paid search methods for online ad placements. First we immerse ourselves in your product or service to help us develop an online marketing strategy and branded message that will help deliver customers. Then we develop unique text or graphic ads for Google, MSN, and Yahoo that targets specific geographic areas such as cities, regions, countries; or the entire world.

Our Search Engine Marketing strategies and campaigns are ideal for increasing online purchases, breaking into a new market segment, and promoting a new product or service and the best thing about them is that their performance can be tracked on variety of indicators on a day to day basis. We work with you to help you understand those indictors and make changes to your message or product/service offering to better respond to marketplace demands.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a complement to SEM programs. It is a complex task of preparing search engine registration, web page content and programming that takes advantage of SEM programs more effectively by improving organic search engine results and increasing traffic to the site. We also use our experience and understanding of search algorithms to look for issues that could prevent search engines from successfully spidering a site.

The SEO process begins with research of your existing site�s technical structure, your competition and search rankings for your industry. We work with you to understand short and long terms goals and we develop a strategy that will manage the optimization of your site. We then review your site's content including titles, cross links, copy, descriptions and key words. We then work with you to revise and implement, page content and page programming.

To learn more about our SEM and SEO solutions contact us at or call 416-271-5259 or 705-458-4289