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Clarify Create Connect 

Ycomm partners with Georgian College to Develop "Management & Leadership" eLearning Curriculum for Employers has authored a unique 16 module eLearning course for employers and their staff. It allows employees to upgrade skills sets in: Leadership, Communications, Project Management and Problem Solving.  This accredited eLearning program prepares employees for taking on increasing responsibility within any organization. The program was designed to:

  • Respond to Employer demands for developing leadership capacity
  • Develop potential training program for management succession planning
  • Enhance employee skill sets to take on increasing responsibility
  • Grow a workforce that can expand to meet increasing production capacity
  • Create leadership and management standards and protocols
  • Train work force "in-place" to minimize workforce disruption


eLearning Strategy Checklist - Download a PDF

We apply three basic principles to everything we do ...

  1. We seek to Clarify the purpose, the message and expectations
  2. Then we Create a concept designed to deliver a call to action
  3. Finally we Connect to your audience in a memorable way
's core service offering revolves around our team expertise. We focus on  Business Assessment, Skills Development, eLearning, Marketing and Communications. We combine proven techniques with research  and evolving strategies and technologies to deliver great experiences that are results oriented, with clear objectives and measurable outcomes.