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Sample screens from Soft Skills eLearning Program

After nearly 1400 man hours invested over 8 months, focused instructional design, original creative development, and an exhaustive leadership and management  professional review process , Ycommunicate has launched its Leadership and Management, self-paced eLearning curricula. This 4 part business training program includes Communications, Project Management, Leadership and Problem Solving.


eLearning Strategy Checklist - Download a PDF

We apply three basic principles to everything we do ...

  1. First we Clarify the purpose, the message and the expectations
  2. Then we Create a concept and a strategy designed to deliver a call to action
  3. Finally we Connect to your audience in a memorable way
's core service offering revolves around our core team expertise. We focus on  communications, marketing, eLearning and curating. We combine proven techniques with research  and evolving strategies and technologies to deliver great experiences that are results oriented, with clear objectives and measurable outcomes.