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Clarify  Create  Connect

Welcome -We apply three basic principles to everything we do ...we Clarify Create and Connect.

                       First we Clarify the purpose, the message and the expectations
                       Then we Create a concept and a strategy designed to deliver a call to action
                       Finally we Connect to your audience in a memorable way 

We start the process by meeting with you to better understand company culture, industry obstacles,, product features & benefits, marketplace demands and customer demographics. We then prepare a comprehensive written strategy that addresses marketing, advertising & communications issues currently facing your company or organization. 

Social  Networks

When we seek to reach customers through social media we are intruding on a very personal experience so we have to offer value and incentives that are consistent with any audience's beliefs and personal aspiration. Traffic for traffic's sake, may pad the numbers but does little to help grow a business or create awareness.  A social network program has to be tailored to audience demographics.


Each marketing solution we develop is customized to leverage your business's full potential and includes access to sound marketing advice, scaled to each stage of your company's growth. We seek to understand your organization's culture, history, competitive forces, business objectives and audience demographics.


We focus on  solutions that include content development, design, creative, marketing & promotions, administrative support and LMS consulting.  We produce self-paced learning modules, curricula, blended E-Learning solutions for both accredited and non-accredited programs.


Branding affects every aspect of an organization; growth, culture, sustainability, competitiveness and perceived value. We develop a concept and a strategy  that connects to your customers and builds positive brand image.


doing elearning on a mobile device Ycommunicate is a leader in the development of E-Learning Solutions with decades of combined experience. We support the production of self-paced and blended learning modules as well as Virtual Learning Environments (VLE's) and curricula by offering consulting and recommendations on Learning Management Systems (LMS). We work with clients to select an appropriate platform to respond to client needs and those of its key stakeholders,  customers, members and employees.  We have no vested interest in any software or hardware solution so we can offer insight into features, functions, costs, accessibility that best suit your needs. We continually invest in research and development to stay abreast of evolving technologies and solutions.  We focus on non-proprietary, simple to administer learning management solutions. Our solutions range from low-cost quick to market approaches through to complex skills-based simulations for those with more in depth needs.

"The Learning Management System designed by allowed us several unique advantages; to easily track individual user data, deliver the data and content in a secured and branded manor and allow learners to easily self enroll."

Greg Penny, Director National Programs, Canadian Public Health Organization

"Their recommendations of how to make our product unique and beneficial in today's healthcare world have been creative and effective. The technological support has been of the highest quality, resulting in an innovative and cost effective product."

Gerry Hansen, Executive Director, Community Hospital Infection Control Association's core service offering revolves around our core team expertise. We focus on  Video, Marketing, E-Learning and Social Media  to deliver integrated solutions in learning, communications, awareness and advertising. We research evolving strategies and technologies to deliver great experiences that are results oriented, with clear objectives and measurable results.